Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Getting Up Some Courage.

So this is my first attempt to blog, as well as post publicly my weight loss progress.  As my blog title suggests, this is a journey that does never seem to end.  As long as I can remember, I have been struggling with my weight.  Granted, my weight until the past few years has never been extreme, but I could not help but feel like a huge balloon.  This blog, is not meant to say "woe is me", this blog is my inspiration to myself as and to my potential followers.  I may never get a single follower, but this is my way of tracking my progress, and hopefully my eventual success story.  I, like so many, in the new year will make the usual new years resolution, to lose weight.  This time however I am going to try not to let the number on the scale deter me from my final goals.  I hope to get healthier, and trim up.  Diabetes is in my family, and it is not my intention to follow in those foot steps.
To start my new year off, I have joined a gym.  The gym in Chilliwack is called 'she's fit'.  I am extremely excited about joining this gym.  I have my first physical assessment on Friday, and we will see what happens. Slightly depressing, yet exciting.
I also have had many blood tests done, and I am hoping they will tell me why I am so lethargic all the time.  I will update you tomorrow after my test results from the doctor.  Here's to a bright new future!

Yes my grammar is terrible!

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