Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blech, Blech and more Blech

So my plans have been bombarded this week.  I have been thwarted.  I have bruised my toe big time, although it made some pretty colors, and I am sick AGAIN!!!  This is number 4 for me.  I tried to run, but my nose is running faster then I can lol.  So until this illness and fever goes down, I am not going to the gym. 
As for my toe, it is healing nicely, and a little less purple.  I should tell you how I did it.  I stubbed it on the bathtub.  Who has ever heard of a bathtub stub?  I mean how hard was I trying to stick my toe over the tub side?  This is so silly that I find it so funny. 
So I just wanted to update you so far, and I hope you keep following me and kicking my butt.

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