Monday, January 17, 2011

New Changes Lie Ahead

So, today I decided I am unable to afford the healthy transformations according to the gym.  So I weighed the pros and cons that I always do before making a lifestyle change.
Lose Weight
Learn to eat properly
Eat 5 times per day
Learn new recipes
Not really taught about eating properly once the diet is over
Cannot have someone make my meal plans forever
So I decided against it.  I did however convince myself that I need help.  My eating is out of control. (well not now cuz Im sick lol, but once I am healthy I am doomed, doomed I tell ya)
So before I could change my mind, I spontaneously after little research joined weight watchers!!! yay for me!
I didn't really want to do that as I felt it was a sucker program, but what does it hurt to try?  It is better than nothing.
So I start today, even though I am half-way through my day, and here is to losing weight.  I am allowed 42 points, at this time I don't know what that means haha.
I will report back on Wed to see what I have done, and if it is working.


  1. I know several people who have done WW or Jenny Craig with good success. It sounds like you're doing well & figuring out what will work for you :)

  2. Thank you for your comment and support. I do find it hard to start as it is a lot more confusing than I originally thought. Here is hoping!