Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Working on my progress.

So I have not been updating for two weeks, and still don't have very much to update.  With weight watchers, I still feel I am in the learning stage.  I am getting better at my eating habits by sometimes making healthier eating choices.  I suck at making a lunch, so I need to still work on this.  My groceries have been minimal lately, with nothing to take for lunches, so I must remedy that this payday.
To help this situation we always have fruit, so when I am running quickly I grab a few apples.  I know, who likes to eat fruit all the time, BUT I have noticed when at work if I am hungry enough, I will eat it.  Surprisingly enough, apples do taste great when famished.
With summer around the corner, I would like to work on my thighs.  Anyone who has been remotely overweight knows that summer can be a big pain in the bum!  The worst, besides the heat, is the heat rashes!!!  Every summer my legs rub together so much that is looks like I am saddle sore by the end of the day.  Sometimes they rub so bad I bleed.  So this time I am trying to work in advance.
I have updated my youtube blog, so please check it out, and I hope to report soon.  It is my goal to report every time I go to the gym.
Bad news: I did not go, my homework for my new course medical terminology sucked most of my afternoon, so I will have to remedy that tomorrow.  I am going to the gym for a 30 min circuit workout.  Until tomorrow!

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