Saturday, July 2, 2011

Back on Deck

After another yo-yo.  I am back on board.  I have to thank the biggest loser for giving me some motivation back.  I have rejoined weight watchers, and I am really hoping this works this time.
The problem:  I am always so hungry at night!!!  I went and talked to my doctor about this, and he suggested I drink protein drinks.  He states that I am not getting enough protein in my day AND it will help me feel full longer.
This does work!  Unfortunately, I have come to realize this is actually boredom emotional eating.  Yay, a realization.  Now what?  I am definitely active enough in my life that I should be losing weight, so I really need to control my eating habits.
Unfortunately I am up to 286lbs.  This needs to stop.
Yesterday I walked 4 miles, yay.  But, yesterday I ate 71 points on my diet.  I am allowed 49. BAD NIKI!!!  Before 8:00 at night I had 24 point used, so 47 were used late at night.  Of those 47, 17 were AFTER 10:00!!!
So, the verdict, I am a night time eater really BAD!!!
I don't have a plan at this time to try to curb this, except the protein shakes.  I will update hopefully tomorrow with my new mileage and whether I am actually able to lose weight.

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