Sunday, September 1, 2013

How am I doing this...

You know, the one thing I love about life is the ability to always start over.  This time I am sure this darn weight will come off!

So, over the last 4 months, since the beginning of May, I have been losing weight.  My highest weight, was 333lbs.... YIKES!!!!! but I know now, I will never see that dreaded number again.

During the last year, I made a vow with myself.  When I was 280lbs, I said I was going to lose weight, again, however this time I had an ultimatum.  If I didn't lose weight on my most recent fad diet, I was going to have a back-up plan;  If I fail, and gain weight again, if I reach 300lbs, I was going to look into weight loss surgery.  I did not want weight loss surgery, but if I failed again, I was done playing games.

As you can see above, I failed and gained, and gained more than I had previously.  Just like I always do.  When I hit 301lbs, which was Feb 2012, I was done.  I made a doctors appointment and was referred for Bariatric surgery.  Little did I know, this would be a long wait. During this weight, is when I gained the 32 lbs.

In late July, 2013 I had my orientation for bariatric surgery, and now the ball was rolling, I was in.  Things are moving quickly now.  I then had a meeting with the amazing dietitian Nooshin on August 16th, and a meeting with Robyn, the Occupational therapist on August 26th.  This brings us up to pretty much today.

I have yet to meet with the Fitness guru Jon (as I like to call him), but I am sure he will be happy with my progress.

On Sept 6th, my mom's birthday, I have a meeting with Dr. Sampath.  I hope this goes well, and he is willing to give me my surgery date.  I don't really expect it, but I REALLY hope he does.  I have already had an abdominal ultrasound, so hopefully I do not need another one.

According to my calculations, I should be able to have surgery this October..... I hope.... I hope......

I am tired of waiting for life to meet me, it is time for me to make my life and live it to the fullest!!

Oh I almost forgot, while meeting Robyn, I am not required to see a therapist.  I agree with this, as I have already seen a therapist in the last year haha!

I have changed so much this year.  The little things do not matter and I am trying to be healthy.

Also, I am getting braces this fall.  It is like a whole new makeover.  The only thing that will make this ending to my year the best, is to get back into nursing school.  I will not know that until November or January.  Only time will tell.


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