Sunday, October 27, 2013

Day 11 Pre-Op...Can This Just End?

Hello from the depths of the diet!

So today I have been feeling quite fatigued.  I am not sure if it is just the diet catching up to me, or if I am actually entering ketosis or something.  Anyhow, last night dinner was pretty Blah!, I was so tired and just needed to eat.  No time to prepare anything special, just food.
This dinner consisted of 1/4C of cottage cheese, the cauliflower mash, piri-piri chicken and a salad.  I felt like I ate this by force, and would rather have eaten nothing. My mash was cold, salad was flavorless and the only thing I liked last night was the cottage cheese.  I am sure exhaustion had something to do with it........

Tonight was a little bit more interesting.  I decided to change up my cauliflower as I am getting tired of my mash.  So tonight I decided to make spanish cauliflower-rice.  So to give you an idea of what I have done, here is my step by step process ;)

So here I sauteed 1/4C Yellow Bell pepper, and a 1/4C onion in a spritz of spray oil

To prepare the cauliflower into "rice" I put the bits into my magic bullet and pulsed in into a rice-like consistency

I added the cauliflower to the pan, and sauteed it with the onions.  For this, you want the cauliflower to be crisp on the outside, but moist in the inside.

Once done, I added a 1/2C of diced tomatoes, and added 1/2T fresh Italian Herbs

Here is thee finished product.  It tasted pretty good, however next time I would remove the bell peppers, as I felt it was a bit much in the mixture.  I also did not cook the cauliflower long enough, as it went moist and not rice-like.

I also had this as a starter.

Nutritional Information:
Calories:  351 kcal
Carbs: 11.5g
Protein: 44.7g
Fibre: 9.5g

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