Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Great NSV (Non-Scale Victory)

So today I woke up and felt thinner.  Yesterday I was wearing a shirt that seemed to hug my belly quite tightly, but I was comfortable in it.  Today it was really weird, it feels almost like magic, I lost a lot of inches over night.  So I tried on the same shirt and miraculously it was loose in the Belly.  Feeling a little confounded, I decided to measure my Belly.  When I measure my belly, I measure around the largest spare tire.  To my shock today, I was down 3"....................Did you get that?!?!?!


I could not believe I have lost so many inches in this pre-op diet.  My scale does not seem to be moving very much, but hey, at east the diet is doing something!! After weighing myself today I was down 0.6 lbs.  I was really hoping for a bigger drop.

Tomorrow is my Pre-Op weigh in, and I was hoping more than anything to reach 293lbs, my weight as of today is  284.6 lbs.  I am so close, I can almost feel it!  Hopefully I can reach even 283.6/7/8.  Anything in the 283's!  I was sure I would reach it.  I am a little bummed by that fact, but hey I lost 3" off my spare tire, so fortunately that buffers almost all of my upset!!!

I am afraid when I get weighed in tomorrow I will not have lost enough weight according to the nutritionists standards.  I really hope I did not screw this up!  I am terrified of being a failure, and not meeting my dietitians standards.  I hope she is not disappointed!  I worked so hard this week to lose this weight.

When I last saw my dietitian, I weighed 299.6 lbs.  So according to her records I have lost 15lbs, so she will be happy by that, and have lost 5.7lbs so far on my pre-op.  So I need to be confident that she will not be disappointed.  But yay! I have one more weigh in tomorrow morning... maybe another pound?

Until tomorrow ~CHEERS~

BTW.... I am not upset or being self depreciating right now, just stating how I feel and the facts.  I understand tomorrow is a BRAND NEW DAY! ;)

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