Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Oh, about that hair

So my hubby and I decided to talk about my potential hair loss. When M. Went through cancer, to be on the safe side and to avoid the trauma of seeing the hair actually being lost e got a buzz cut. I am not that extreme. So instead we decided that I will get my hair cut tomorrow. I called spontaneously to the best salon ever "Gente Bella Salon bd Spa" and they were able to fit me in tomorrow. It is going to be a dramatic change right before surgery. I am literally plunging into this. 
To be honest, I have cried tonight. I am finally in a place where my hair is the best. It is just past the middle of my back, is healthy, shiny and pretty perfect. I love my hair. But let's face it, every time I shower I will pull out handfuls of hair, assuming the hair loss is worse than I already have from PCOS, and will want to cry every day. The pain is not worth two more years of growing it out. My hair grows fast. In about two years I went from a pixie cut to the length I have now. It will grow back, I just pray it looks as awesome as I am hoping so I can accept this change and not come home crying. So I will update tomorrow with my new do!

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