Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Post for My Husband

So I wanted to make this post an honor for my husband.  He really is the most wonderful man in the world, and deserves a post made specifically for him.

This man treats me like a queen, and really cares for me.  If there was such a thing as soul-mates or true love, he is the definition of it.

M, has taken such good care for me over my recovery, that I have fallen in love with him more and more each day.  He doesn't even acknowledge how much he has done for me.  When I tell him that he is the most wonderful man in the world, and thank him for taking such good care of me, he always responds "I love you, and I want to take care of you".  Seriously!!! Can you get better than that.

The other night, I was in so much pain, I asked him to please get me some liquid Tylenol from the store.  I asked when he had time, as I did not want to interrupt what he was doing.  What does he do? He says "done", he drops everything and goes to the store and get me Tylenol.  Since this was about 9:00 at night, he went to about 6 different stores to find it.

He returned to work this past Monday, and has sent me texts ever-so often to see how I was doing.  I was not doing so well that day, so he came home from work at noon to take care of me. Which he did on Tuesday, and has even done today.  His boss thankfully is understanding, but M is so unselfish.  He always puts me before himself.

It doesn't even have to be the big things like these that make him so wonderful.  For example, the other night I noticed I was getting low on toilet paper, I couldn't reach it, but I didn't ask him to do anything either.  By the time I had to use the bathroom the next time, my toilet paper had been replenished.  I was so touched, he knew I couldn't reach, and went ahead and made sure I had what I needed.

Last night, I brushed my teeth before coming to bed for the first time, when I came out of our bathroom, my side of the bed was made (I use my own blanket because I am a blanket snatcher), anything he thought I would need was beside the bed.  These items included: Tylenol, liquid Tylenol, water, a rub for aching, my phone, my charger, and even my little stuffed bee he got me.

I know this is a weird post, but my husband is so wonderful, I had to share, and dedicate this post to him.  I love him more than anything, and fall in love with him more and more each day.  I am the luckiest person in the World.

HERE HERE M, my knight is shining armor

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