Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Day 4

So I decided to keep notes throughout the day both about activity and how I felt. This may be a little random, but I wanted this post to give you an idea of my day. There will be 2 types of notes: my schedule and my thoughts..... It is weird but here it is.

7:30- Woke up with severe pain, and nausea. Took 20mL children's liquid Tylenol, and 2 T-1's around 7:30 am

My back is so sore!

9:00- attempted to walk for 10 minutes, could only last 5 minutes before the pain was too much. 
9:11- tecta taken, 1/4c water ingested. 
10:00- 1 Advil 400mg

10:50- got up for 6 minutes. Was in too much pain to go the full 10

11:00- chewable flint stone vitamin... Hurt... Chew more

11:30- started Glucerna 
11:30- 2 Tylenol 1
13:00- walked 7 minutes. 
13:54 -1 Advil 
16:09- 2 Tylenol 1
17:00 walked 5 minutes
18:30- 1 100g greek yogurt- 30 min to eat
18:20- walked 6 minutes. 
20:00- 2 Tylenol 1
21:40- pain is increasing. Will be taking an advil to control it. Was able to walk for 10 minutes. Feeling a light pop in my lateral left abs when I stand up, but not when I sit down.  Having some tomato vegetable broth now.  I am feeling distended and confused. I do not know what my body is telling me. I just feel bloated and full in my abdomen. 

Here are the other notes I took:

For lunch- 15:30 I was able to eat all of my soup. I did notice that I was gurgle after and I think it may have been too much to eat at one time. Perhaps next time it will be better to eat half of that. So for dinner I will have a half of a cup and take the full 30min to eat.  
Glucerna takes longer to eat, about 1-1.5 hrs. It feels really heavy, and I cannot tolerate too much at one time. I usually sip around 15 mL at a time.  
When I eat soup I often use a demitasse spoon, so my volumes are quite small. 
I forgot about chewing today. I am tolerating my medication well whole, but my flint stone chewables, one at a time are much more difficult to go down. I did not chew it hugely today and it felt like sandpaper being swallowed.  So lesson learned.  In thai stage it is so easy to forget to "chew" when everything is just swallow. 
I did plain water makes me feel nauseated, but I am getting about 1/2c between meals.  So that makes about 3c of water, and 2-3c of fluids in a day. 
15:53- it has been about 30 minutes since I have finished my soup, and I still feel. Belchy/hiccoughy. It is going to be awhile before I can resume my water. 30min after this meal is not enough time to finish the lunch in Mickey!

19:01- eating a greek yogurt - vanilla- no chunks. It has taken me 25 minutes to eat it, but I have eaten the entire thing. I somewhat feel that this may be too much right now. I somehow feel maybe I should not be able to eat this much in one sitting. But so far I do not feel bloated. I feel satisfied, and do not feel like I have over eaten. I do not have discomfort nor pain.  I hope I am not over-doing it. You can read a lot on the internet, and still not actually know if you should be eating it. I ate 100g, which works out to be just one demitasse spoon over 1/4c. So I think I am still ok. As I walked around afterwards my stomach was really growling and was a little belchy. So I think it was maybe too much. Next time I will measure my cups to exactly 1/4c or eat less one tsp. 

Also, I took these 2 images yesterday. Please disregard my cleanliness my hair is so oily, I am dirty and gross. Sponge baths can only do so much, and I cannot move my body in the right way to wash my hair. Give me a break❤

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