Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Day 5 post Op

Yesterday was a real struggle and I have felt weak and sleepy. I was in pain, but by bed time I was feeling better.  
Here are the notes I took throughout the day:

Wow, so my last note didn't work. Crap!

So today I am feeling relatively unwell. I am weak and fatigued. I am not sure if I am not walking enough, or if it is malnutrition. I suspect it is a little bit of both. 

I am better with pain today, however sleeping was still pretty hard. I need to focus on walking every hour if possible!
Let's try to get at least 3000 steps today!!

9:30 took 2 Tylenol 1
11:00- Glucerna. I am beginning to feel that I do not want to drink Glucerna. It tends to feel really heavy and I feel it is discomforting. The smell is not pleasing at all. 
13:08- walked for 10 minutes- only 71 steps. I am not sure my pedometer is measuring each step right now...... Ten minutes to walk 70 steps.... Doesn't make sense.  Feeling really tight and I am throbbing quite a bit. 
13:49- took a Tylenol and it hurt going down. It felt like swallowing a stick, and now my pouch is grumpy. I only took 1 Tylenol, but I feel it was too much. Next dose should be liquid or broken up. 
13:50- walked 10 minutes
14:00- The walk went well, I got in about 300 steps, but the fitbit only calculates around 50- so it is a little off. So I am guessing I got in about 300 earlier as well. Only 2400 left to go. I relieve it might be a little ambitious but I will try every hour to walk a bit. I am so sleepy now. 
14:10-1 Fred flint stone chewable vitamin. I know I am supposed to take iron, but I am not sure how much to take. 
14:40- I am being really adventurous and trying some cream of wheat. It is really runny, and I hope I can tolerate it. It looks like a lot of food, so I do not expect to eat all of it. I do feel that I am gurgle hungry, but I do not feel hungry if that makes sense. 
15:00- finished eating about half of my cream Of wheat. I tolerated it well so far, but I feel like I have eaten enough, I feel like I am satisfied and do not want to eat anymore. My next meal will be a yogurt to help with protein. 
15:33- tried drinking water.... Stomach is queasy and not happy, so I am giving it about 10 more minutes. 
17:29- took 20mL of children's Tylenol. Total dose = 640mg of Tylenol.  (160mg/5mL)
My stomach is still really queasy and I will not be eating another meal until it calms down. I feel that I am not tolerating anything in Mickey today. I am going to try focusing on getting in 2-3 more cups of water. 
18:40- ate protein'd cheese tomato soup. Ate 1/4c, and stomach was upset again. I feel so heavy and thick in my stomach. I am not doing well today. 
20:40- finally had a shower!! Had to change my dressings but it was sooo nice!
21:33- 10mL liquid Tylenol  and a Tylenol 1
Stomach was upset again. I think Mickey doesn't like foods too much today. I am finished eating for the night and am just going to drink water. I was able to have some jello and 2T of non fat greek yogurt. I was able to tolerate that really well. 

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