Wednesday, November 27, 2013


So it has been 27 days since I had my surgery, and I am doing a little better. For the last 9 days I have been either at clinical or back to work. It has been an exhausting time. Although I was under strict orders to not lift, I was pretty much forced to lift. I tried to avoid it, but my personality does not allow me to try my best. So here I am, almost a month out and I am healing well!

I have not weighed myself in about a week as I like to weigh in the morning. But since I am up so early for clinical I cannot weigh myself and get accurate results. I am guessing around 24lbs total for the month. It is a little shy from my goal, and 25lbs in month 2 seems impossible, but hey, they are just guidelines, not rules. 
I do know I have lost inches, as clothes look different on me. Even in one week for clinical I am noticing that my clothing is bigger, I am ok with that :), even if I didn't lose weight. 

The part I am struggling is good and water intake. My amount varies. I can eat about 1/4can tuna and 5 triscuits, with maybe a cup if consomm√©. If I eat just tuna, I can eat about 1/2can with 6 triscuits (the small thin ones). 

I do not get much protein in, and it s a constant battle. I tried to eat two serving of protein in clincal, but I cannot, especially with getting in my water. I average on 5-7 glasses of water per day, but my urine is still really amber in color. I am concerned that I am getting a really bad UTI. 
I did just have a really bad kidney infection that cause my kidney to r palpable and caused extreme flank pain, it was absolutely horrible. So to even go in that direction again is not even an option. 

Right food, how do I get so side-tracked? So on an average day I get in between 300-450 calories. Some days even less. I try to get a minimum 40g of protein, and whatever carbs. 

So far my list of I tolerated foods are low, but here they are:
Laughing cow herb and garlic cheese!
Makes me vomit for about 7-8 hours. Let me tell you, this small tummy has difficulty vomiting. 
Glucerna just smells really bad!

All in all I do kinda wish I would see more movement, I know unrealistic expectations. I am just afraid of it not working for me, which is a common fear among the bariatric community. 

Anyhow, so sleepy, time for nap nap!

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