Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Victory Today

So today has been great, I am less than 250lbs!!! I am 249.5lbs haha!  I also was able to go shopping and bought my first pair of size 18 pants.  I am no longer Plus size, although it will be nice to be just an XL or size 16.  Then I can shop almost anywhere.  I am out 1 month 18 days, and am down 83.5lbs total so far.  I am still pudgy and have a lot more to lose, but it is coming off.

I will not meet my goal of 100lbs lost by xmas, but I am ok with that, because every pound is a pound closer to my goal.

Weight loss is awesome, I am already being treated differently, however I am not sure if it is confidence in myself or I am less of a visual disturbance to people.  I am beginning to feel normal.  I am looking forward to being normal, well visually anyways, as I will never be normal with my craziness.

Life is pretty awesome.  I have had some surprising complications such as a gall bladder attack 2 days ago, and pain still from surgery, but I am still convinced something might be wrong.  But anyhow, weight loss is awesome, and I am finally able to eat the amount I am supposed to eat.  So each day is better progress to a new cuter me.

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