Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Where I am at

Lately I have been battling some of my inner demons. As always, struggling to get in enough food, and water, this is not something new.  Between full time school and clinical, I am quite tired and am not wanting to spend too much time on preparation.

I am still trying, to get more protein in, as always, but hey, this is really much harder than it looks.

I was recently on one of my bariatric forums, and most people at my stage are eating 600-800 calories, all their protein and water..... I have a little catching up to do.  But this is my journey, not theirs, so lets say I have some work to do.

Awesome though, my bloodwork has come back great.  My cholesterol is really low now, and my live is no longer fatty.  I am so grateful for that. The only deficiency I have right now is, well iron, and Vitamin D.

I swear if a person could not use Vitamin D, I am one of them. I take 3000 IU per day, and it never goes up.  WTF wit dat?!?!? haha!

I am pleased with my bloodwork, as I thought I would be so sick.  Turns out, I am a-ok!

So, time to get back drinking water!!!

Oh, I updated measurements and photos ;)

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