Saturday, March 29, 2014


Has anything in this world ever become as awesome as spiralizing? in my opinion, no.  Now I cannot eat pasta, bread, toast (boohoo :(), or rice, I have had to come up with an alternative.  For me this is spiralizing.  I love my veggie noodles, and feel so healthy because of it.  Last night, I was getting after myself for not losing weight, blah, blah, blah, but really, I am still eating small portion, and am eating healthy portions.  What more could I ask for. I have finally adopted the lifestyle that I have always wanted, and come heck or high water, I am changing these bad habits once and for all.

So back on track, as I always seem to deviate from the original topic... music.. huh what?, right spiralizing.....

This is absolutely amazing.  I bought a spiralizer this week on amazon, and lets just say I was soo excited to get it that, I bought a JumBL spiralizer. Believe me, I wanted a Paderno spiralizer, but on I had to wait 1-2 months.... heck no!!  I am too excited to get it, so I decided to go with JumBL and take my chances (same price), and if it doesnt work out, then I will buy the Paderno.

So yesterday it was due to arrive at my house via UPS (I dislike UPS because I am never home to sign for it lol), so yesterday I waited around all day for it, and had to go out for about an hour... Yup UPS arrived when I was not home.  BUMMER!!!!  So when I got home, I was grumpy.  I really wanted to spiralize last night.  So what did I do? I called UPS and asked if they had my package, and if I could come pick it up. haha!!  Unfortunately they did not have it, followed by me experiencing an onset of new grumpiness.

5 minutes later UPS called me back, YAY!!!! they have my package, and I have 20 minutes to pick it up.  Sorry M, I am leaving, must.... have.... spiralizer!!!!

So when I came home, right to the kitchen, washed it up and began spiralizing.  AMAZING!!! I made a beet spiralized noodle, with Quinoa-beef stuffed green peppers for dinner.  what an amazing combination.

So today I will continue to to spiralize and feel like the world is my spiralized oyster!  Tonight I am having spiralized zucchini beet saute with angus meatballs and tomato sauce.... so stoked

If you want to know more, check out
It is by far the best website I have seen on spiralizing!

Ciao~  If I had a bigger grin, I would be a Cheshire cat!

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