Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Un-pasta Salad

This was a complete fluke.  More than anything I wanted a macaroni salad.  I miss it, especially yesterday as the weather was so amazingly beautiful.  So I experimented with my spiralizer.

I first cut my zucchini in half, and sliced a small slit down the zucchini length-wise.  This creates spirals, rather than noodles.  I kept these raw, added a bit of salt and pressed the noodles between some paper towel to wick out some moisture.

After that, I added 2 oz of light cheese (great protein source) to the noodles.

For the Sauce:
1T fat free miracle whip
1tsp vinegar
a pinch of paprika, cayenne, salt and pepper
1/2 small packet of splenda
a tiny bit of mustard

I mixed all the ingredients together  and poured over the zucchini.  It tasted amazing.

Next time I would add some red pepper for more flavor, but it was so good.


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