Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 2 of Getting Off My Butt

So today was day two as the title suggests of my exercise regime.  It was hard.  Yesterday I spent approximately 2 hours at the gym, where I did 30 minutes speed zone, weight training and cardio.  Funny enough, I was not really sore when I woke up.  I went to the gym again, where I once again participated in the speed zone.  To be honest, I was so tired half way through I could not go any further. Including my cool down, today was only a 45minute workout.
I plan to go to the gym again tomorrow, where I will be concentrating on interval training cardio and weight training.  I am going in the morning as I am finding it much more practical.  I am hoping to work out for about 1 hour tomorrow, maybe 30-45 minutes of cardio and 30-45 minutes of weight training plus the cool down stretches.
So far I am still feeling pumped about going to the gym.  I am having to tell myself that I need to take a day off.  I am hoping on my days off to just stretch and maybe 20 minutes of cardio.
They say it takes 3 weeks to form a habit, so I am really hoping to form a habit of this.
One of my Vloggers Mr40by40 is pretty amazing, he was really overweight when he started and has thus far lost over 60 lbs.  He is my hero.  After speaking with him, he has come up with some great ideas, one that he made to me personally was how to avoid saggy skin.  I was moved by this, as you know it is a great fear of mine.  His regime for his skin includes, but not limited to exfoliating and a lotion called lac hydrin.  These two, he recommends for helping of the toning of the skin.  I definitely recommend subscribing to his vlog, as he is truly inspirational, and dedicated.

I already have 7 people subscribed to my Vlog, and I hope to keep them motivated as well as my supporters and friends here.  I am also hoping to not disappoint myself.
Another thing mentioning is my eating habits.  Currently I do not have the groceries for a healthier lifestyle, but it is something that will happen in the near future.  I am hoping to eat constantly throughout the day, about every three hours, and portion my meals properly.  I want to joint he healthy transformations as soon as I can, as I need to eat for the new body I am creating.
I hope you are being good, and I look forward to updating you when I have some new accomplishment or something to say.
Until later . . .

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