Wednesday, October 23, 2013

1 week down

So today was a pretty fabulour day, I have lost 4 lbs on my pre op diet so far, bringing my total loss up to 46.6 lbs!!! WOOP WOOP

I am so ecstatic today, and feel so fabulous!

So I was organizing my clothing today, as I am a bigger woman who hordes smaller sizes in the dream that I will one day fit them.  My dream shirt:

It is a Mariposa size medium, when it was called Mariposa, the youngsters may know it as Sirens now.  Mariposa always had such classy clothing and I loved shopping there.  The shirt is a size medium, and it is my goal shirt.  I do not care what I weigh, but come heck or high water I will get into this shirt!  My dad bought it for me when I was an XL as incentive for me to lose weight.  I fell in love with it so much, and I still love it so much, that I have to get into it!  ...................I hope ;)

So ya! back to organizing my clothing, I found a size L shirt and when I was folding it up, it was SO tiny! I could not believe how small it was.  Right now my clothing takes up about 1/3 of my drawers, these L shirts take up 1/6th!!!1 I could not believe it!!! Here is a picture

So the blue one is the Large, and the White one is the 3XL that I wear now!  WOW, did I ever fit this size?!?!?

I used a pen to scale the images, so I hope you get the idea.  I am so excited to have smaller clothes, as I will have more room in my drawers haha  Anyhow, I thinks that is enough blabbering for now, but I will post my dinner later


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