Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Calm Before The Storm

Some days I just like to sit and take everything in.  This morning was one of them.  I weighed myself on my Wii fit and decided to just sit back and take a look into all of my accomplishments.  I was so proud to look at the trend of my weight loss over the last year.  For once a new years resolution to lose weight has actually happened.  Here is a picture to share of my accomplishments so far.

As you can see, by the end of December, I had ballooned up to my near highest weight.  325lbs.  My highest was a huge gain by the end of november, almost 10 lbs. By January I said screw it and lost a whole bunch of weight.  Unfortunately it was not sustainable and I lost it basically by starvation.  Then I refused to weigh myself until May, when my hubby and I had to go one a low fat diet.  That was the start of the whole downward trend.  I had a few stalls in late September and Early October, but the trend continues.  It is so awesome you could draw a line of best fit with this data!
After my weigh in yesterday with my dietitian, I had a lot of conflicting self sabotaging emotions.  I did want to eat crap I shouldn't have.  After all, I wont be weighed again until after surgery.... right?  I believe this came from hunger, as I was driving for more than 6 hours yesterday, and I did not have time to stop at all. So I was hungry, dehydrated, because I forgot to bring water, stupid me, and eventually had a bottle of glucerna in the afternoon.    Every McDonalds was tempting!!

I did not stop at any McDonalds, Tim Hortons or anything that would tempt me.  I even talked to my husband about maybe having nachoes one last time.  WHO AM I KIDDING!!!!!!  I am having this surgery for me, for my life and for my health, and for my happiness, am I going to risk risk this happiness for a momentary food comfort? HELL NO!  I have worked my BUTT off to get here, and I am not going to sabotage myself.  Even if it would be harmless, my life is worth more than a plate of Nachoes!

So it was a really triumphant day to say no to these things, thank goodness they were not in the house haha, I may not have been so triumphant ;)

So I weighed myself this morning, and my weight is 283.5lbs!!!! YAY!!!! 0.5 lbs to lose in 2 days... I am sure I can do it.  To Boot, that means 6.8 lbs lost over the last 2 weeks.  TRIUMPH!!!

I am having such a fabulous day, that nothing can go wrong.  SO, I will report later with my dinner as per tradition, and tomorrow I will add my measurements.  Just see the tab on the side ;)

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