Sunday, October 20, 2013

day 3 Pre-Op

What a crappy day!

I was hungry, and cranky.  I was suffering from a lot of head hunger, and wanted nachos so freaking bad.  I was so angry, and really starting to second guess my decision.  But I tried to keep my head on the prize, and eventually got through the day.  

I am so sick of lettuce, here I have 11 days left, and I have more lettuce to eat.  If I eat lettuce again it will be too soon.

So here is the beginning of day 4, and I am finally in the 280's.  I am 289.7 lbs, and am sort of happy about that.  I am a little afraid that I wont lose weight on this diet.  I feel as though I should be losing more weight.  I have 9.7 lbs to go for my ideal pre-op weight, I am not sure I am going to meet that goal.  Sure this is a little pre-mature to be worrying, but I expected to see more weight come off by now.  

Yesterday I did not drink as much water, so I really need to remedy that again.  All this fiber in my diet, is giving me bowel problems, so we shall see if increased water intake helps that and the weight loss issue.

Until next time

OH! BTW, the I have been taking pictures of my meals, but I am probably going to post them at the end of week one!

Off to the doctors again to get a holter monitor for my heart, gotta make sure I am healthy... Oy, I hate driving to Richmond!

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