Friday, October 25, 2013

Feeling Tired

Today is a hard day.  I am feeling fatigued, and really low on energy.  I have been able to get all my water so far, I am at 5 glasses so far.  I am really looking forward to dinner.  I find I am overwhelmed by cravings today.  My current craving is not nachos, weird huh?  No, my craving is for egg salad on triscuits.  Yesterday I realized that this si something I can have about a month out from surgery, and since then, it is all I can think about.

Today is a day where my pre-op diet is definitely sufficient, but I feel really restricted. I know eggs are healthy, and I know triscuits are pretty healthy, I even figured egg salad on cucumbers would be sufficient, but I don't have that opportunity to deviate that much.  So hear I am sitting here feeling deprived and tired, and just want to move onto tomorrow.

I am even feeling a little overwhelmed.  I have so much housework to do, and no energy to do it in.  I am glad I was able to clean my dining room yesterday, as I definitely do not have the energy to do that today.

For dinner I am re-doing some lettuce wraps.  I feel I need something yummy and basic.  Once again, I switched out my carrots for cauliflower.  I think I am obsessed with cauliflower.

I find that my mashed cauliflower gives me a strange illusion or alternative to potatoes.  I actually feel like I am getting a well balanced meal, whereas before I felt like I was missing my carbs.  Now I still get my carbs each meal, I love the cauliflower and feel satisfied.


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