Thursday, October 3, 2013

It is getting closer!

So there is less than a month from my weight loss surgery.  So far I have done:

  • Winning at losing at Garratt Wellness Centre
  • Bariatric cooking class
  • Had an ultrasound
  • A whole lot of medical tests
  • An overnight pulse oximeter test for sleep apnea
  • Met with the Occupational therapist
  • Met with the dietician (several times)
  • Met with a physical therapist
  • Met with the surgeon

What I have left to do before surgery.
  • Get weighed 2 days before my surgery for pre-op weight
  • lose 13 more lbs before surgery
  • Pre-op 2 week diet 
  • overnight sleep study at Richmond hospital
  • Another meeting with Physical Therapist
  • Gastroscopy
I am so excited that my journey is about to start.  My biggest goal befoer surgery is to lose another 13 lbs, because I really want to weigh 280lbs.  By losing this weight, it decreases the amount of weight I have to lose post surgery.  As you get closer to goal, it becomes harder to lose weight.  Also, the further you are out from goal, that harder it is to lose weight.  So in theory, the more I lsoe before surgery, the easier it will be to hit my goal of 140-150 lbs.  I do not have a specific end goal weight, it will be whatever I feel healthy and alive at.  My body will decide what is goal for me.  I do however want to get into single digit clothing ;)

We will see what happens in the near future!

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