Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pre-Pre Op

So tomorrow I start my pre-op diet.  I dont think there is anyhting that I feel deprived of.  I am however noticing that my skin on my belly is beginning to show some signs of sag.  Looks like I will be having a lot of loose belly skin after all this.  I am afraid that I will not be able to accept this skin, but I am still going to try.  I hope to be accepting of my loose skin, and I hope the skin will at least be "hide-able".  I think I am ok with loose skin, but I hope I have skin that falls flat, and not bubbly.

 This is what I am hoping for.  It still sucks, but it is hide-able and manageable

 This is what I desperately DO NOT WANT!!!! See how bumpy it is, and how wrinkly it is.

I know this seems shallow, and I agree it is, but I have hated my body for so long, I am just hoping I can work with whatever I am left with.  Only time will tell

I am so excited, I am 2 weeks away from surgery.  So far I am 36 KM away from my 100KM goal.  So I better get cracking.  I am hoping to do another 5 KM today.


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