Tuesday, October 29, 2013

OH NO!! What If I Lose My Hair???

So this is one topic that really affects most women during their weight loss process.  Around month 4 or 5 after surgery, we tend to lose a lot of hair due to our dramatic loss.  So this is something I have pondered...

So the last time I went to my hairdresser we discussed what I can do with my hair that is fun, but will hide my hair loss.

Do not get me wrong, I do not want to cut my hair.  I have spent 2 years from a pixie cut growing it out, and I have about 5 more inches until I reach my ultimate length, but who knows, maybe I will want an edgy chic short look with my weight loss.

So this is what I have decided.  After losing a lot of weight, and I start to notice my hair falling out more than it does now, I will get it cut.

Here are 2 pictures of hairstyles I love.

Courtesy of Actress: Chelsea Kane -love her!

Wacha think?

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