Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sitting here a pondering....

So here I am sitting wondering about the new year.  Where am I going? How can I make the most out of my weight loss?
I am officially 2 months out today, and have lost 88.5lbs. I did not make my goal of 100lbs, but really, my weight loss has been amazing, and I cannot complain at that.

The funny thing is, although I have lost almost 100lbs, I still feel really fat. Sure my body does look a lot better than it did, but I still have 10 lbs left to lose to reach goal.

I am still struggling. I cannot get in my water nor my protein.  How do people do this? 

I also had a gall bladder attack a week ago, and a few days ago.  So I went and saw my GP today and he feels that I will need to have my gall bladder removed.

This fears me, because I just got back into school. I will suffer through the pain to avoid surgery just so I can stay in school.  School ironically is a priority of mine.  I cannot quit now.

As for new years, I have two main goals. To get in 64oz of water or fluids per day, and to get in all of my protein.  Recently I have been surviving on borscht and chili. For someone who does not like meat that much,  I am struggling.
So for lunches I can have 1 piece of meat and 1 slice of cheese, which equals 10 of protein.  Not too shabby.  I might also cut my deli slice and cheese in half and make a well rounded meal. Perhaps add some Greek yogurt as well.

It occurred to me today that eating g so little is annoying.  I was full after my deli ham and cheese, but I felt my palate was extremely overwhelmed.   Chewing your food so much to avoid emesis, can make the taste extremely powerful.  Because of this, I feel I need to add more variety to my meals. 

As for water, I really have no idea how I am going to drink that much.  I can drink a cup of fluids no problem, but water for some reason is hard to drink.  It hits my stomach like a rock.

So I will end it here today, happy new year, and I hope to have a healthy new me next year.


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